Pet Pick Up & Delivery Shuttle Service

No time to drop off or pick up? Let us pick up your pet and shuttle them to and from our facility!

Our staff can pick up your pet from your home and return them after they’ve enjoyed their time with us.

Your pet will be safely transported in our temperature-controlled van, housed in secured kennel crates that we can supply.

Contact us for more information!

How far does the van drive?
  • Our shuttle service currently covers all areas within an hour from our facility. Contact us to see if our van will drive to your location.

What hours does the van run?
  • Our van runs from 7:00am to 8:00pm. For pick-up and drop-off outside these hours, please contact us to make a special request.

Do I need to be present to have my pet picked up?
  • No, our staff can arrange the pick up or drop off of your pet without you being there.

How will I know that my pet has been picked up?
  • Our staff will phone or email upon pick up or delivery home, as well as arrival to our facility, to ensure your pet is safe.

Does my pet need a kennel or is one provided?
  • Premium enclosures are supplied. Contact us for more information.

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