Boarding Packages for Cats

UnitPriceSecond Guest
(in same unit)
Prrfectly Pleasing$19/day$10/day
Frisky Feline$16/day$10/day
First Rate Feline$13/dayn/a

Specially designed suites are provided to make our feline friend’s stay enjoyable. We will clean their suites and provide fresh pine litter daily. The suites include a scratching post, shelf and soothing music. We provide the tender loving care that will make your feline family member’s stay with us enjoyable.

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Prrfectly Pleasing

Our largest units are great for active cats. These units feature multi-level shelves in a floor to ceiling unit. Large windows provide an opportunity for your cat to bask in the sun while watching the birds and wildlife outdoors.

Frisky Feline

These deluxe units are perfect for any cat that likes to keep occupied. Each unit has a view of the many goldfish in the gallery’s aquarium and has space for your cat to climb and play.

First Rate Feline

These smaller units provide a cozy space with a view of the goldfish in the aquarium. These units are perfect for less active cats or those that prefer smaller quarters. They include one shelf for exercise and a smaller scratching post.

Additional Services Available for Cats

Kitty Catering KitN/A$17/session/guest
Playtime20 minutes/session$10/session
Petting Session20 minutes/session$10/session
Daily Brushing20 minutes/session$10/session
Tuna or SardinesN/A$3/session
Holiday MealsN/A$3.50/session

With a stay in any of our units, ear scratches and petting are always included! For extra attention or exercise, treat your cat to any additional services during their stay, including our premium Kitty Catering Kit.

Kitty Catering Kit

The ultimate package to pamper your cat with one-on-one attention. This package includes salmon, playtime, extra petting, and brushing.


A chance for your pet to play with one of our caregivers. Playtime can be customized to your cat’s preferences for toys.

Petting Session

Your pet will receive all the extra hugs, cuddles, and attention to make their stay more enjoyable.

Daily Brushing

Daily brushing can help maintain the original condition of your pet’s fur.


A serving of salmon given to your cat in place of the regular food provided during feeding times.

Tuna or Sardines

A serving of tuna or sardines given to your cat in place of the regular food provided during feed times.

Holiday Meals

Freshly roasted turkey with creamy whipped potatoes, niblet corn, and carrots.

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